Sunday, October 30, 2011

If Anyone Else Dies... I'll Kill Them...

I am so sick & tired of being sick and tired. 
I'm loving being back at the studio... but its playing havoc on my knees big time. Squatting down... kneeling... my arthritic old knees are screaming for mercy. Mom says glucosamine with chondroitin. I asked Danny to check into the cost. 

I still don't have a car. Sucks. I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet, so I don't have any pay-stubs... I need them to try and buy a car. 

I miss my kids. I know that letting them live with their father is best. I don't have the financial resources he does... plus they stay in a better school system... stay near family & their friends. But, its just so hard to not see them every day. To not be able to kiss them goodnight every day, know how everything is going in school... I love my kids so much. I feel like my life is completely empty when they aren't here. 

Tuesday would have been Brian's 35th birthday. Its been 9½ months since he died. I'm still so damn angry at him. How dare he leave me. I could talk to Brian about ANYTHING... no matter what it was, he never judged me, respected my feelings... even if he didn't agree with them. I lost my best friend & I want him back. I have needed him so much lately. I have so many things going on in my head & I have no one I can talk to about it. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I smacked myself in the face with the camera...

So, day 1 at work was interesting. I sat a computer for hours doing e-learning. For those of you Walmartians... its kinda like doing CBLs for HOURSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

And the worst part was... it was e-learning things I knew... like F-Stop... ISO... seriously? UGH. And HOW to sell... I've been in sales/customer service for 23 years... And I've been in Photography for 20 years.
Speaking of that... my manager... very sweet girl... shes 20... remember how I thought she looks 15? I saw her photography on Facebook... she does a very beautiful job... and I saw some pictures she took last night... very nice.

My only *sigh* would be that after sitting at the computer all day... she then proceeded to tell me how to pose an infant... how to use the posing seat etc. I realize she was only doing her job... I do... but at the same time I wanted to scream. I'm 35... shes 20... When I left SPS, she was 10... I know how to POSE. *sigh*
Its not her fault. And she was very professional about it... so if she ever reads this... I hope she isn't offended... but I just felt like... ugh.

Using the camera was difficult. Not because I don't know how to use a camera/frame/focus etc... but the camera is mounted. I'd have the shot framed, let go & the camera would shift ever so slightly... I'll just have to remember to frame a bit looser than usual & adjust after. I'm used to having my camera in my hands... I love the weight of it... the feel of it. I didn't like that I wasn't loosening the camera grip enough... & I smacked myself in the face with it. LoL

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Photoshop. I believe a picture should speak for itself. If you have to go back and make a bunch of edits & enhancements to try and "sell" your work... than you should focus on bettering your photography skills... not your Photoshop actions. But... what do I know... ?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run For Cover! The HurtTarts Are Attacking!

So. Tomorrow, I go back to work.   Back to the bowels of CPI. I'm returning to Sears Portrait Studio after having been gone for 10 years. The manager that interviewed me, I swear she was 15. I felt so dang old...

Things are much different now than they were way back when. The cameras, the packages, everything. So, I'm thinking of this as if it a brand new thing. Yes, I come in with experience... but knowledge of how things work these days? Nada. 
So far, its just "seasonal"... umm yeah ok... We'll see.

No car still... so not quite sure on the hows of getting to and/or from work. There is a bus (*gag*) that goes back & forth to the Swansea Mall, but the hours that it runs, aren't exactly feasible every time. Some days, I can take Dan's car... but we really need a second car ASAP. 

Yesterday, Adam & I hit The Narrows Center for The Arts in Fall River to see "The Art of Brick"  display. I was wicked awesome... if I may say so... and I do. Its going to be there through November 19th, so if you are in the Riv area... I recommend that you check it out. Its kinda fabulous.
This whole pencil is made of Lego... and very detailed... 

As the night ended, and my darling Daniel finally tore himself away from Command & Conquer... he climbed into bed... only to be attacked by an errant SweetTart. Apparently one had fallen into the bed and as he lay upon it... it hurt him... thus his declaration that they shall be known as HurtTarts. 
Does that make him a real prince? No wait... the pea was UNDER the mattresses. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vroom Vroom?...

So... so far, no car.
Seems like every time we go to the dealership, the guy has a new story.

First he said that we could get a second car if I got a job, OR, we could get trade in Dan's car & have just one car still. So, we decided to wait to see if I found a job.
But Dan's car has been getting worse, (the transmission is going) so we finally decided to trade his car in for the minivan I want now... then in a few months when I hopefully have a job, get him a different car.
We went back to the dealership & NOW they are saying that we would have to wait to trade in his, we can't register it under my name (we could before)... wtf.

I need a car and I need one NOW.

I have an interview today at Sears Portrait Studio. Some of you may recall that I worked there before. From 1995-2001. It was my favorite job... unfortunately, they changed too much & I was forced to leave. They wanted everything done in 15 minutes... with little to no creativity.
Now that the digital age has come, I'm hoping things have changed some. I'd not only like to get back to work... but back to the type of job I love.
Nothing makes me happier than having a camera in my hands.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feed Me To The Zombies... Me & My Non-Bacon-Flavored Brain

I don't like bacon... therefore when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, apparently, I get to be used as fodder. Yep, its true... its all detailed out in the RULES OF BACON. It was on Facebook... and we all know, if you read it on Facebook, it MUST be true... right?

I'm doomed...

When I was telling my dear husband this yesterday (he being a bacon aficionado), instead of hearing me say APOCALYPSE... somehow he thought I said A TACO LIPS. Yep folks, its coming, The Zombie Taco Lips... Run for your salsa!!!!!!

Last night was Wednesday, the ONLY night my husband has off during the week. Its our one night to spend together. We decided we wanted to do some pancakes for dinner. I HOP has all you can eat pancakes back for October, only this time they come WITH a combo... on the way to the restaurant, we see this guy on the side of the highway, broken down... just chillen out by his car... so I waved. Hi!
Doesn't he know that he isn't going to get anyone's attention that way. Dan suggested smoke signals. There ya go, set the grass on fire on the side of the highway, you'll have the police there REAL quick.

So, we get to I HOP... and there is only one waitress working in the whole place... poor thing. But, I have to wonder, is that her real tone of voice, or her work one... cause goodness if there was ANYthing she could do, just PLEASE let her know and she LOVE to help us. Add 5 pounds of sugar to that. Oh well, nothing wrong with extra polite, better than extra bitch right?
Why is it we always seem to get seated near the people that talk SO LOUD... about stuff NO ONE cares about. If you are going to force EVERYONE to listen to your conversation, at least make it worth listening to will ya?

Yeah... I ate 8 pancakes...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When I Bang You... Stay Banged

All I ask for, is that my favorite jeans stay in one piece. Is that asking too much? 

The stupid button came off. The little piece of metal that stabs its sharp little point into the button top, actually came unattached. So here I am in my favorite jeans, with no button.
I even put it back together and banged the mother frigger with a hammer. But nope. 
Yeah nice visual huh? Me banging my jeans with a hammer, on the kitchen counter.  
I've been searching for some sort of button to SEW on... but can I find one? Nope.

You ever notice how you will find tons of random things laying all over the house... but when you actually WANT want of those random things... they are nowhere to be found? 

Ever get to the point when you are sick and tired of doing things? 
I do EVERYTHING in this house. Ok, except ONE thing, I don't iron... I make my poor deprived husband get up and iron his own work clothes. I admit it, I do... take me out & stone me now...
But I do everything else. And I do mean everything. I spent all day the last few days cleaning, re-organizing, redecorating the house, scrubbing the bathroom, hanging mirrors, etc. 
I baked him friggin COOKIES, from scratch... but do I get a *thank you*?... An *I appreciate it*?... Nope... 

I get him walking into the other room last night in the middle of Leno... and 20 minutes later, me realizing that he is in bed asleep. Umm ok?... I thought he went to the bathroom... because no one said "Hey, I'm beat, I'm gonna head to bed"...  

Don't get me wrong... my husband works 2 jobs, 7 days a week, and I appreciate it & him. I'm currently out of work, looking... but is it asking too much that he acknowledge that I do serve some function around here?

America Runs On Dunkin' ... and so do I... gonna go drink my coffee now. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself

This is me… I’m Katie… well technically its Kathryn, but only my mother & people who read my name off of official forms call me that. So don’t.
I’m 35, although I’ll tell you 25… I have 5 children ranging in age from almost 19 to age 6, 1 grandchild that is almost 1, (courtesy of the oldest… the sex talk didn’t work so well) and I just recently entered into my second marriage. My current husband is 12 years my junior, making him 23. So I guess you could say I gained another child, I just didn’t have to give birth to him & he came potty trained.
My Life Story In A Nutshell: (why do they say in a nutshell anyway?)
Born in August of 1976, bicentennial baby, 3 brothers, 2 older, 1 younger. Lost oldest brother in a house fire at age 9 (he was 9… I was 5), parents then divorced. Fairly normal childhood considering my parents were divorced, lived with mom, dad’s house on weekends… moved in with dad in High School. Got pregnant at 15, had son at 16, boyfriend moved in, had second child at almost 18, 4 days before HS graduation (but I DID graduate TYVM), few years later came child 3, got married, had 2 more kids… Loved husband but things were rocky, separated… started seeing someone, lost job because I was seeing that someone (oops… can’t date your subordinates)… divorce final, re-married.
Obviously in the middle of all of that was working, raising kids, relationship stuff with my ex-husband (who is still a very good friend), becoming a grandmother at 34, and relationship stuff with my current husband.
Welcome to my world… I’m the Goddess Bitch In Charge…