Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feed Me To The Zombies... Me & My Non-Bacon-Flavored Brain

I don't like bacon... therefore when the Zombie Apocalypse hits, apparently, I get to be used as fodder. Yep, its true... its all detailed out in the RULES OF BACON. It was on Facebook... and we all know, if you read it on Facebook, it MUST be true... right?

I'm doomed...

When I was telling my dear husband this yesterday (he being a bacon aficionado), instead of hearing me say APOCALYPSE... somehow he thought I said A TACO LIPS. Yep folks, its coming, The Zombie Taco Lips... Run for your salsa!!!!!!

Last night was Wednesday, the ONLY night my husband has off during the week. Its our one night to spend together. We decided we wanted to do some pancakes for dinner. I HOP has all you can eat pancakes back for October, only this time they come WITH a combo... on the way to the restaurant, we see this guy on the side of the highway, broken down... just chillen out by his car... so I waved. Hi!
Doesn't he know that he isn't going to get anyone's attention that way. Dan suggested smoke signals. There ya go, set the grass on fire on the side of the highway, you'll have the police there REAL quick.

So, we get to I HOP... and there is only one waitress working in the whole place... poor thing. But, I have to wonder, is that her real tone of voice, or her work one... cause goodness if there was ANYthing she could do, just PLEASE let her know and she LOVE to help us. Add 5 pounds of sugar to that. Oh well, nothing wrong with extra polite, better than extra bitch right?
Why is it we always seem to get seated near the people that talk SO LOUD... about stuff NO ONE cares about. If you are going to force EVERYONE to listen to your conversation, at least make it worth listening to will ya?

Yeah... I ate 8 pancakes...

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