Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When I Bang You... Stay Banged

All I ask for, is that my favorite jeans stay in one piece. Is that asking too much? 

The stupid button came off. The little piece of metal that stabs its sharp little point into the button top, actually came unattached. So here I am in my favorite jeans, with no button.
I even put it back together and banged the mother frigger with a hammer. But nope. 
Yeah nice visual huh? Me banging my jeans with a hammer, on the kitchen counter.  
I've been searching for some sort of button to SEW on... but can I find one? Nope.

You ever notice how you will find tons of random things laying all over the house... but when you actually WANT want of those random things... they are nowhere to be found? 

Ever get to the point when you are sick and tired of doing things? 
I do EVERYTHING in this house. Ok, except ONE thing, I don't iron... I make my poor deprived husband get up and iron his own work clothes. I admit it, I do... take me out & stone me now...
But I do everything else. And I do mean everything. I spent all day the last few days cleaning, re-organizing, redecorating the house, scrubbing the bathroom, hanging mirrors, etc. 
I baked him friggin COOKIES, from scratch... but do I get a *thank you*?... An *I appreciate it*?... Nope... 

I get him walking into the other room last night in the middle of Leno... and 20 minutes later, me realizing that he is in bed asleep. Umm ok?... I thought he went to the bathroom... because no one said "Hey, I'm beat, I'm gonna head to bed"...  

Don't get me wrong... my husband works 2 jobs, 7 days a week, and I appreciate it & him. I'm currently out of work, looking... but is it asking too much that he acknowledge that I do serve some function around here?

America Runs On Dunkin' ... and so do I... gonna go drink my coffee now. 

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  1. Oh yes... I bought a button to sew on to my jeans...