Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run For Cover! The HurtTarts Are Attacking!

So. Tomorrow, I go back to work.   Back to the bowels of CPI. I'm returning to Sears Portrait Studio after having been gone for 10 years. The manager that interviewed me, I swear she was 15. I felt so dang old...

Things are much different now than they were way back when. The cameras, the packages, everything. So, I'm thinking of this as if it a brand new thing. Yes, I come in with experience... but knowledge of how things work these days? Nada. 
So far, its just "seasonal"... umm yeah ok... We'll see.

No car still... so not quite sure on the hows of getting to and/or from work. There is a bus (*gag*) that goes back & forth to the Swansea Mall, but the hours that it runs, aren't exactly feasible every time. Some days, I can take Dan's car... but we really need a second car ASAP. 

Yesterday, Adam & I hit The Narrows Center for The Arts in Fall River to see "The Art of Brick"  display. I was wicked awesome... if I may say so... and I do. Its going to be there through November 19th, so if you are in the Riv area... I recommend that you check it out. Its kinda fabulous.
This whole pencil is made of Lego... and very detailed... 

As the night ended, and my darling Daniel finally tore himself away from Command & Conquer... he climbed into bed... only to be attacked by an errant SweetTart. Apparently one had fallen into the bed and as he lay upon it... it hurt him... thus his declaration that they shall be known as HurtTarts. 
Does that make him a real prince? No wait... the pea was UNDER the mattresses. 

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