Friday, October 14, 2011

Vroom Vroom?...

So... so far, no car.
Seems like every time we go to the dealership, the guy has a new story.

First he said that we could get a second car if I got a job, OR, we could get trade in Dan's car & have just one car still. So, we decided to wait to see if I found a job.
But Dan's car has been getting worse, (the transmission is going) so we finally decided to trade his car in for the minivan I want now... then in a few months when I hopefully have a job, get him a different car.
We went back to the dealership & NOW they are saying that we would have to wait to trade in his, we can't register it under my name (we could before)... wtf.

I need a car and I need one NOW.

I have an interview today at Sears Portrait Studio. Some of you may recall that I worked there before. From 1995-2001. It was my favorite job... unfortunately, they changed too much & I was forced to leave. They wanted everything done in 15 minutes... with little to no creativity.
Now that the digital age has come, I'm hoping things have changed some. I'd not only like to get back to work... but back to the type of job I love.
Nothing makes me happier than having a camera in my hands.

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